AM 1180 KYES | Your Catholic Radio In Central Minnesota

As a Catholic radio station dedicated to the truth and tradition of our faith, we understand the importance of serving our listeners with Catholic focused programming; programming that is solidly grounded upon the Catholic doctrine. Everything we do has a purpose, and our mission is reaching out through our broadcasts to touch the hearts, souls, and minds of Catholics throughout Central Minnesota. We live in a challenging time, and access to the various programs, daily Mass from St. Mary’s Cathedral, and interaction with the people through our call-in shows are crucial.

Support from a Catholic Perspective

There are many questions in life. As Ecclesiastes 3 explains, to everything there is a season. There are seasons of joy, and seasons of struggle. Regardless of the season our listeners may be in, our goal is to provide Catholic programming that provides comfort, support, and answers to many of their questions. Our listeners realize the impact that our programming has, and they know that whether experiencing intense joy or sorrow, AM 1180 KYES will be there. KYES provides the support to help fellow Catholics remain close to their faith and focused on their relationship with God.

Changing People’s Lives

Perhaps the greatest service KYES has the privilege of providing is the ability to bring people closer to God, and offer life-changing messages through Catholic programming. From answers to help grow in the faith and become a more knowledgeable Catholic, to an understanding of how to handle life’s struggles from a Catholic perspective, KYES delivers information. It is information that can truly alter one’s life, and foster a much deeper exploration of their faith and everyday life.

Providing Relevant Information

We deliver public service announcements, events, information on the local diocese, and other valuable information relevant to our Catholic listeners. A close relationship and understanding of your diocese, and updates on the various events and activities designed to extend and enhance the value of our programming is an important addition. Our professional and caring on-air personalities will inspire, entertain, inform, and encourage listeners through their messages and discussions on a variety of Catholic topics. Starting your day with John Harper, to the day’s close with Catholic Answers Live, your Catholic talk radio station is always available. You can listen over the airwaves or online with your mobile device, and have constant access to the Catholic programming you love.

AM 1180 KYES – Your Catholic Radio

AM 1180 KYES is dedicated to being your source for Catholic talk radio programming in St. Cloud and throughout Central Minnesota. Our message is life, family, and faith. We strive to be a significant force in the lives of local Christians and serve as a tool to communicate the love of Jesus to all who listen. We invite you to contact us for more information, or listen to our programming and find out why KYES Catholic radio is so valuable. Call our office at (320) 257-9700, or email us at Supporting life, faith, and family, we are AM 1180 KYES, Catholic Talk!