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Finally! Catholic Radio We Can Listen To

Catholic radio is booming. More and more stations are popping up around the country all the time. This gives more Catholics access to programming that boosts our faith, improves our spiritual health, and offers support when we face times of trial and times of joy. Catholic programming has come a long way. In the past, […]

Catholic Radio Saves Souls

Catholic radio is powerful. At Catholic Talk AM 1180 KYES, we have the great honor of hearing the many stories of the effect this ministry has had on our listener’s lives. Whether a non-believer stumbled across the station by accident, or someone who lost their way was desperately seeking some truth, Catholic radio saves souls. […]

Pray For More: A Boom in Catholic Radio Stations

In 1996, only six full-time Catholic radio stations were in existence throughout the United States. Since that time, there has been a boom in the number of Catholic stations and the number is continually rising. Christian radio as a whole has a massive presence. In fact, it is considered as high as the third-most-popular radio […]

Inside the Booth: How Christian Talk Radio Works

For many people, turning on their radio and tuning into our frequency, or clicking or Listen Live link online amounts to the total understanding of how radio works. They may have some knowledge of radio including that radio waves are transmitted from a tower or digitally, or that we have a lot of equipment to […]