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Play the Little Caesar’s $1000 Challenge!

You could win $500 for yourself… and $500 for the charity of your choice! How To Play: The ‘Little Caesar’s $1000 Challenge’ is a fun, online scavenger hunt. Simply locate the answers to the 10 questions below, complete the registration and enter the answers to the questions, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win […]

Tune In Daily To Glen Lewerenz For Local Catholic Conversations

Glen Lewerenz is a native Minnesotan, and hosts one radio show daily on K-YES and contributes to another. His work inspires Catholics daily to reflect as well as act, and you too can listen to the stories he shares from local and regional Catholic influencers! Here’s how: Conversation With Glen Lewerenz Every day, Glen hosts […]

Why Advertise On Catholic News Radio?

As an owner or advertising manager, you want to advertise wisely. While radio advertising has been looked on as a poor option,  on Catholic news radio stations are an entirely different story! Advertisers find Catholic news radio stations a great investment, because while the listener base may be smaller than average, they are fiercely invested […]

How Catholic Radio Saves You Money With Shop ‘n Save

Everyone likes to save money, and if you’ve come to this page, chances are you enjoy listening to KYES, your Catholic radio station. We have a great new way for you to support local Catholic radio station and local businesses while saving money in your budget. It’s called Shop ‘n Save! Shop ‘n Save is […]

What Is Marriage: 4 Ways To Honor This Sacrament

“Let marriage be held in honor among all.” Hebrews 13:4 “What is marriage?” is a questions many people don’t take the time to ask themselves or their partner. It seems so simple a child could define it. But marriage is a deep sacrament, given to us by God. It is so important, Christ honored it […]

Listening Live Online Is More Popular Than Ever

AM 1180 KYES offers online streaming options so you can listen live from work, the car, home or at the dentist’s office using our website.   According to recent studies by the Pew Research Center, 53 percent of Americans ages 12 and older listened to online radio in the past month, and this percentage has […]

Events in St. Cloud, MN

St. Cloud, MN is an incredible community with countless things to see and do for everyone in the family. However, finding a resource for discovering the events that matter to you most can be challenging. AM 1180 KYES is proud to serve Central Minnesota with focused Catholic programming, and also a supporter of many events […]

Support Catholic Radio in Central Minnesota

There is a deep need in Central Minnesota for sources of hope in a troubled world. Whether a person is dealing with a significant loss, facing a trial, or are just worn down by the struggles of life, they need encouragement, answers, and love. Many of us need to hear the life-giving words of Christ […]

Catholic News Radio Is a Tool in Times of Trial

One does not need to look far before finding horrible events that can shake our faith. The world can be a difficult place, and so often we hear about or experience events that are challenging to even fathom. Every day, new stories can be found that demonstrate the depravity existing around us. Often, we are […]

Experience the Programming of KYES Wherever You Are

We often speak about how the technology to listen to the programming of KYES anywhere you are provides an exceptional opportunity for our listeners. Now, you can keep up on the latest Catholic news, your favorite KYES programs, and powerful messages to help in your daily life from anywhere. On the radio, your computer, or […]

Catholic Talk Radio: Heard Loud and Proud Across the State

Catholic talk radio stations are experiencing exceptional growth across the nation. What used to be difficult to find, is not available anywhere thanks to online radio programming and more powerful Catholic broadcasts. Even with this growth and technology, there are still many places that Catholic talk radio can be hard to find. Here in Central […]

Why Catholic Talk Radio Inspires, Supports, and Celebrates Christian Values

It does not take long to see that we live in challenging times. With technology, rapid access to information, and a surge in anti-Christian sentiment, it can be difficult to hold fast to our Christian values, and live our lives in accordance with Christ. In our modern environment, we as Christians must seek out, support, […]

Stimulating Catholic Talk Radio at Your Fingertips

There countless stimuli that are competing for your attention on a daily basis. Some are helpful and necessary things, and others are merely a way to zone out and waste time. One of the more popular forms of stimulus is radio. Whether you listen through a stereo or over the web, most Americans spend at […]

Finally! Catholic Radio We Can Listen To

Catholic radio is booming. More and more stations are popping up around the country all the time. This gives more Catholics access to programming that boosts our faith, improves our spiritual health, and offers support when we face times of trial and times of joy. Catholic programming has come a long way. In the past, […]

Catholic Radio Saves Souls

Catholic radio is powerful. At Catholic Talk AM 1180 KYES, we have the great honor of hearing the many stories of the effect this ministry has had on our listener’s lives. Whether a non-believer stumbled across the station by accident, or someone who lost their way was desperately seeking some truth, Catholic radio saves souls. […]

Pray For More: A Boom in Catholic Radio Stations

In 1996, only six full-time Catholic radio stations were in existence throughout the United States. Since that time, there has been a boom in the number of Catholic stations and the number is continually rising. Christian radio as a whole has a massive presence. In fact, it is considered as high as the third-most-popular radio […]