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Inside the Booth: How Christian Talk Radio Works

For many people, turning on their radio and tuning into our frequency, or clicking or Listen Live link online amounts to the total understanding of how radio works. They may have some knowledge of radio including that radio waves are transmitted from a tower or digitally, or that we have a lot of equipment to […]

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Celebrating With Relevant Radio® for 15 Years of Catholic Programming

AM 1180 KYES is proud to announce that our programming partner, Relevant Radio®, is celebrating 15 years of exceptional Catholic programming. As an affiliate of the Relevant Radio® Network, KYES can provide the people of Central Minnesota with outstanding Catholic talk programs. These programs include Daybreak with Paul Sadek, Morning Air with John Harper, The […]

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Celebrating With Relevant Radio® for 15 Years of Catholic Programming

When you turn on AM 1180 KYES, your Catholic talk radio station, you hear the exceptional programming you always have. You may not realize the incredible and drastic changes that your radio has undergone, especially over the last decade. Digital technology has changed the way we operate in countless ways. From how we access our […]

AM 1180 KYES | Past, Present, and Future of Your Catholic Talk Radio Station

For our Catholic listeners throughout the region, AM 1180 KYES provides Christian talk radio programming that is focused on the Catholic faith and solidly grounded upon the Catholic doctrine. They understand the different programming we provide and appreciate the high-quality programs. They feel they have a source of encouragement, accountability, and focus through the access […]

AM 1180 KYES | Your Catholic Radio In Central Minnesota

As a Catholic radio station dedicated to the truth and tradition of our faith, we understand the importance of serving our listeners with Catholic focused programming; programming that is solidly grounded upon the Catholic doctrine. Everything we do has a purpose, and our mission is reaching out through our broadcasts to touch the hearts, souls, […]

Your Local Catholic Talk Radio Station – Available Anywhere, Even Online!

In this world of rapidly moving technology and increased demands on our time, it can be challenging to sit near the radio and listen to your favorite shows. Catholic radio and the programming provided is so essential to our Christian walk. With so many other influences on our lives, it is crucial to stay connected […]