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Play the Little Caesar’s $1000 Challenge!

You could win $500 for yourself…

and $500 for the charity of your choice!

How To Play: The ‘Little Caesar’s $1000 Challenge’ is a fun, online scavenger hunt. Simply locate the answers to the 10 questions below, complete the registration and enter the answers to the questions, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win weekly prizes, as well as a chance to win the $1000 Grand Prize!

Everyone who completes the registration and entry form gets a FREE Little Caesar’s Pizza just for playing!


Weekly winners will be posted here on our website, and will be notified via email.

Weekly winners will be posted here on our website, and will be notified via email.

Week 1: ($20 Clearwater Travel Plaza Certificate)
Winners: Abby J., Oak Park | Craig N., Cold Spring | Deb D., Sauk Rapids

The Grand Prize winner will be drawn and announced here on our website and notified via email or phone on Monday, May 1st.

First, find the answers to the questions:


Question 1: How much does a repair estimate cost at J.F. Kruse Jewelers?
Watch the video below to find the answer!
(Click Here to visit J.F. Kruse Jeweler’s website)

Question 2: How many laptops are shown on the counter at Computer Repair Unlimited?
Watch the video below to find the answer!
(Click Here to visit Computer Repair Unlimited’s website.)


Question 3: How old was Randy of Randy Schwartz Remodeling when he received his first power tool?
CLICK HERE to find the answer!


Question 4: Name 2 of the 8 recipes listed on the MONGO’S GRILL website:
CLICK HERE to find the answer!


Good Earth Food CoOp Logo
Question 5: How many different local meat suppliers does the Good Earth Food Co-Op work with?
CLICK HERE to find the answer!


Question 6: When does summer camp begin and end at North Crest Kids Activity Center in Sauk Rapids?
CLICK HERE to find the answer!


Question 7: How many appetizers are listed on AT The Black & White Restaurant’s online menu?
CLICK HERE to find the answer!


Question 8: How many new homes were built, and remodeling projects completed in 2016 by DG Homes & Remodeling?
CLICK HERE to find the answer!


Question 9: Based on the Rollga Density Chart, how many different densities are there to choose from?
CLICK HERE to find the answer!


Question 10: From which type of VIVID Photography Studio photo session are you able to receive a $50 credit towards printing your photos?
CLICK HERE to find the answer!

Now that you’ve found all the answers, fill in the registration information and enter the answers below to be entered to win!

(One entry per person.)

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Tune In Daily To Glen Lewerenz For Local Catholic Conversations

Glen Lewerenz is a native Minnesotan, and hosts one radio show daily on K-YES and contributes to another. His work inspires Catholics daily to reflect as well as act, and you too can listen to the stories he shares from local and regional Catholic influencers! Here’s how:

Conversation With Glen Lewerenz

Every day, Glen hosts Conversation With Glen Lewerenz, a local program with regional and local people of interest to our Catholic listenership.

Glen has on local priests and ordained people, along with lay people working in ministerial roles.

For instance, earlier this month Glen featured Father Scott Pogatchnik, the pastor of the Cathedral of St. Mary in St. Cloud. Father Scott spoke with Glen about the Christmas season, about growing as we move into the new year and gaining insight and wisdom around ourselves and our place in the world.

As well, he spoke with Brian Gibson, Executive Director of Pro-Life Action Ministries which works to save babies from abortion across the nation for the past 35 years. Brian spoke with Glen about the work they’ve done in 2016, babies saved, and the results of their “40 Days For Life” efforts.

These are the types of conversations you’ll be able to hear on a great Catholic radio show like Conversation! Be sure to listen live from 9-10 a.m. and 6-7 p.m. every weekday.

Glen’s Story Corner

Glen’s Story Corner is a short segment which appears during Morning Air With John Harper, Glen’s portion of the show presents touching, inspiring and uplifting true stories and parables to help start your day right. With Glen’s warm delivery, this is a portion of Morning Air you won’t want to miss. Be sure to tune in at 6:45 and 9:45 a.m. weekday mornings!

Why Advertise On Catholic News Radio?

As an owner or advertising manager, you want to advertise wisely. While radio advertising has been looked on as a poor option,  on Catholic news radio stations are an entirely different story!

Advertisers find Catholic news radio stations a great investment, because while the listener base may be smaller than average, they are fiercely invested and protective of their Catholic news radio stations, like K-YES 1180 AM.

Why Advertise On Catholic News Radio

Upbeat Listeners Are Upbeat Customers

When you listen to K-YES in particular, you will often hear Relevant Radio. This is programming from Green Bay, WI, which really resonates with the way our listeners live their lives and the way we live ours.

People of all ages and situations in life find encouragement through our message of hope, and carry that hope out through the community and into every business they visit. Wouldn’t you prefer to deal with upbeat customers who are always ready with a smile and a kind word? Don’t you think others, possibly other customers, would be drawn to a business which attracts these kinds of people?


It’s Easy To Build Credibility And Trust

The biggest challenge for any business is building credibility and trust. Often, businesses attempt to do so by associating themselves with another brand. What better brand to associate with than one with fiercely loyal, upbeat listeners?


Listener Base Is Small But Loyal

Many Catholic news radio listeners prefer to purchase from businesses advertising on Catholic news radio stations.

Because Catholic news radio stations are generally non-profits, listeners know that the companies who advertise with us are supporting their station. That’s why we call our advertisers “business supporters.”

Listeners are also supporters themselves, continually sending in their own donations to support the station. They are heavily invested in the continuing strength of their Catholic news radio stations, so when they hear your advertisement on their station, you become “part of the family.”

Advertising with Catholic news radio stations is a great opportunity for your business, so we hope you will contact us today and give it a try!

How Catholic Radio Saves You Money With Shop ‘n Save

Everyone likes to save money, and if you’ve come to this page, chances are you enjoy listening to KYES, your Catholic radio station.

We have a great new way for you to support local Catholic radio station and local businesses while saving money in your budget. It’s called Shop ‘n Save!

Shop ‘n Save is an online auction site we created to help our great listeners get great deals from area businesses. Those who have partnered with us range from auto repair shops to bookstores, golf courses to grocery stores. The auction site has it all, and at great prices, so check it out!

How Catholic Radio Saves You Money With Shop ‘n SaveShop N' Save: Great Deals for Great Listeners

Support Local Businesses Who Support Catholic Radio

More than 135 local businesses have placed items or services for sale at our Shop ‘n Save page!

Supporting local companies is important. At small businesses, you will generally get better customer service because you are probably dealing with the owner or their family. Shopping small also creates local jobs; ⅔ of new jobs in the United States are created by small businesses.

Also, 90% of small-business owners contribute to their communities through volunteering, in-kind donations and or cash donations to local charities. What a wonderful reason to shop small (and support Catholic radio!)


Discounts Of Up To 40% Off Of Retail

There are a lot of great businesses offering products and services through our Shop ‘n Save page: from a trampoline park in St. Cloud, to a restaurant in Melrose; from a pizza place in Becker to a dinner theatre in Chanhassen. Dozens and dozens of businesses are waiting for you to save money through your Catholic radio station’s Shop ‘n Save page.

Most businesses are offering between 20-40% off of their retail prices. For example, many are offering $10 gift certificates for only $6, or $100 gift certificates for just $70! Many are also offering certificates towards certain items, like a phone company with a certificate for a $350 phone, selling for only $245!

And when you buy from local companies through Shop ‘n Save, these companies know KYES is helping them, and they in turn financially support our station. It is this relationship, between you, small businesses and our station, which allows us to continue to provide family-friendly, inspiring and enlightening talk on Catholic radio.


Conveniently Search For Companies You Do Business With

Shop ‘n Save has a number of different search features on the left-hand side of the page, where you can sort the deals alphabetically by the business offering it or by the items offered.

Sorting by business allows you to quickly and easily find businesses you are already planning to use, so you can find a good deal. It also allows you to quickly look through businesses you might not have considered before, but who offer a service you use often.

Head to our Shop ‘n Save page today to start saving, and support local businesses and your Catholic radio station, KYES!

What Is Marriage: 4 Ways To Honor This Sacrament

“Let marriage be held in honor among all.” Hebrews 13:4

“What is marriage?” is a questions many people don’t take the time to ask themselves or their partner. It seems so simple a child could define it. But marriage is a deep sacrament, given to us by God.

It is so important, Christ honored it by performing his first miracle at a wedding, turning water into wine.

Honoring Marriage Day is on May 7, 2016, and a special mass will be held at 1 p.m. at St. Mary’s Cathedral honoring couples celebrating their fifth, 25th, 40th, 50th, 60th and beyond anniversaries. A cake and punch reception will follow in the lower level of the Cathedral.

In recognition of Honoring Marriage Day and this important question of “what is marriage?”, let’s go over four ways to honor and support this sacrament.

1. Pray For It

Praying is important throughout your life, but people often don’t think about praying for their current or soon-to-be spouse. Some may consider praying and asking God for a spouse, but truly you should be praying for your spouse to be holy and loving when you are finally brought together.

Praying for this sacrament in general, that it be honored by all in the way God intended, is also important.

2. Wait For It

Waiting for marriage implies two separate concepts: waiting before engaging in sexual intimacy, and waiting for the right time to marry without delaying beyond the time God intends. God forbids sexual intimacy before marriage. We are not permitted to engage in any sexual contact before saying our vows, and in this way we keep our sexual lives pure, honoring this special relationship by procreating within it’s bounds.

Marrying before you are ready, or delaying marrying your partner frivolously also dishonors this sacrament. One must be mature enough to make the choice to marry while also following local laws. You must also not delay married life, choosing to either live together outside of the sacrament’s bounds or delaying when you are already ready.

3. Center It On Christ

Family life is centered on marriage, and marriage is centered on Christ. Both your wedding and married life should be thought of in context of their relationship to Christ, and you should always reevaluate whether what you are doing is right and correct.

Weddings which have virtually no reference to God, Christ, the Holy Spirit or the Gospel are not very Christ centered. The same can be said for marriages which do not emphasize God-given children (either natural or adopted), regular prayer, and balance between family and work.

4. Defend And Promote It

Defend this sacrament against those who attempt to re-define it, as well as those who demean it. It is a union between God, woman and man, to care for children and raise them in Christ’s love.

Promote it to others by your strong example: attend church and community functions as a family; pray for each other, your family and community; care for your neighbors and friends as you would Christ, no matter their religion, views or lifestyle; and when someone is considering marriage, ask them to really consider “what is marriage?” and how they can best honor it.