Catholic Radio Saves Souls

Catholic radio is powerful. At Catholic Talk AM 1180 KYES, we have the great honor of hearing the many stories of the effect this ministry has had on our listener’s lives. Whether a non-believer stumbled across the station by accident, or someone who lost their way was desperately seeking some truth, Catholic radio saves souls. Over the last decade, the number of Catholic radio stations like KYES has skyrocketed. Also in that time, growth within the Catholic faith has increased. Through Catholic talk radio, listeners can be won to the Lord, lives can be changed, and faith can grow. We are honored to provide Catholic radio programming throughout Central Minnesota, and will continue our mission. We fully understand the power of Catholic radio, and the responsibility we have in providing it.

Sound Catholic Advice

It has been said by many Catholic radio listeners that Catholic talk radio provides the sound; Catholic focused advice they need. We live in a fallen world and often the challenges, temptations, and confusion in life will lead us astray. Having a resource on your radio or mobile device is a powerful tool to help people remain active in their faith and navigate all that life brings.

A Solid Start or End to Your Day

Waking up and facing the day can be difficult. In our busy lives, it is not uncommon to lack enough quality sleep to help us remain focused and functioning as we should. Starting your day with Catholic truth helps set the tone for our entire day and place us on the right path for successful living. It is exceptionally refreshing to have a guide in the morning to complement our devotions and prayer. The same is true as we relax before bed, working through the events of the day in our minds. Catholic radio helps to adjust our thinking in these crucial times to live a fuller and godlier life.

Daily Mass

For many of us, attending daily mass may be impossible. Our careers and other activities that fill our days can leave us lacking the church experience we so desperately need. With Catholic Radio, listeners can tune into mass each and every day. It also provides an alternative if health or other concerns prevent us from attending services periodically. Mass is a critical component of the Catholic life and can be attained through the power of the airwaves.

Questions Answered

As we continue our walks in faith, we will certainly have questions that may be difficult to answer. Those questions vary depending on where we are in life, what demands are on us, and our Catholic maturity. Often, listeners find that shows such as “Go Ask Your Father” are precious to help answer those questions that arise. If you have a question about the faith, it is likely there is another who has it as well. You may hear the answer you seek when another calls in to ask, or you may help explain it for another when you call and ask it yourself.

These are just a few of the ways in which Catholic radio is extremely powerful, and there are many others. We invite you to listen often, listen to programs you may not have heard before, and experience for yourself the truth is saying Catholic radio saves souls.

AM 1180 KYES – Your Catholic Radio

AM 1180 KYES is dedicated to being your source for Catholic talk radio programming in St. Cloud and throughout Central Minnesota. Our message is life, family, and faith. We strive to be a significant force in the lives of local Christians and serve as a tool to communicate the love of Jesus to all who listen. We invite you to contact us for more information, or listen to our programming and find out why KYES Catholic radio is so valuable. Contact our office at (320) 257-9700, or email us at Supporting life, faith, and family, we are AM 1180 KYES, Catholic Talk!

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