Pray For More: A Boom in Catholic Radio Stations

In 1996, only six full-time Catholic radio stations were in existence throughout the United States. Since that time, there has been a boom in the number of Catholic stations and the number is continually rising. Christian radio as a whole has a massive presence. In fact, it is considered as high as the third-most-popular radio format according to radio research. However, the number of Catholic-focused stations within the Christian radio format has been minimal. Over the past decade, that has been drastically changing. Stations like your Catholic Talk AM 1180 KYES have been appearing in vast numbers. There are a number of reasons for this dramatic increase. We will look at some of the largest.

Increased Station Opportunities

Broadcast radio stations have been historically limited due to the number of radio frequencies available. In the past, the priority for stations to obtain a broadcast frequency and license has been given to commercial stations with higher profit margins. However, thanks to increased non-commercial frequencies being regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), those desiring to begin a Catholic station have a greater opportunity to do so. Furthermore, technology and the internet have allowed stations to broadcast online, even without a traditional radio frequency.

Faithful Listeners

A radio station requires dedicated listeners to continue successful operation. Catholics have shown an increased desire for Catholic radio programming due to the many great benefits it provides. As more Catholics seek out Catholic programming, the opportunity for a Catholic station to be successful is steadily growing. There seems to be a desire to return to Catholic fundamentals, and many view Catholic radio as a primary method of the Holy Spirit to reach his people.

Improved Programming

As the number of stations increases, so does the number of excellent programs. Many of the most popular Catholic programs nationwide are syndicated and available to individuals throughout the country. Also, more listeners increase the opportunity for advertising revenue. This revenue allows better quality programming than ever before. Catholic radio has evolved from small church-run stations to national program distributors and stand-alone broadcasters. As an added benefit, though radio alone does not save souls, quality programming can increase conversations and offer hope to more people than ever.

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