Weekend Schedule

AM 1180 KYES is an affiliate of the Relevant Radio® Network. Relevant Radio originates from Green Bay, WI and broadcasts on 74 stations across the US.

Saturdays at 8:30 am: Saturday Morning Air®


Join us weekly for an hour of conversation on the intersection of faith and everyday life. Our lineup features bishops and priests, seminarians and religious, and volunteers and regular folks like you and me. Tune in to learn what’s coming up in the Central Minnesota faith community and some just plain good conversation.

Host Glen Lewerenz is a veteran of over 30 years in radio. He’s a native Minnesotan with roots in Stearns county. Glen is happy to add Saturday Morning Air® to his regular role as news anchor and sidekick to John Harper on Morning Air®, heard weekdays from 6-9am on KYES. When not doing radio, Glen enjoys sports, music and hanging out with his family.

Changed Forever™ Saturday 5am and 7pm


When the word of God enters our minds and softens our hearts, nothing can ever be the same again. Our thoughts change, our habits change, our relationships change. But living the Truth isn’t about being changed. It’s about being Changed Forever.

Fr. Larry Richards speaks from experience as a pastor of an inner city parish, a high school chaplain, a counselor and an evangelist. His preaching comes straight from the heart, and it’s aimed straight at the heart of the listener. Fr. Larry brings his zeal, humor, and insight, which is always authentic and enthusiastic, to Relevant Radio®, and lives will be Changed Forever.

Mary’s Touch™ Saturday 6pm and Sunday 5am


Mary’s Touch™ is an inspirational 30-minute radio program designed to bring you a greater understanding of Jesus’s Mother, Mary. The program is co-hosted by Cheri Lomonte, author of The Healing Touch of Mary and Stories from Mary’s Touch, and Fr. Jim Evans, the spiritual director for the Frontline Faith Project.

Each show includes one personal account relating the experiences of people who, in unique and desperate situations, have invoked the intercession of our Blessed Mother and received her help in ways that are sometimes very striking, or sometimes more quiet and more interior.

Spirit and Life™ Saturday 6:30pm and Sunday 8am and 2:30pm


Hosted by the brother-sister team of Franciscan Fr. Albert Haase and Ursuline Sr. Bridget Haase, Spirit and Life™ examines traditional aspects of Catholic spirituality and how they are lived out and experienced by 21st century Catholics. Adapted from their popular segments on Morning Air®, Spirit and Life™ with Father Albert and Sister Bridget draws the listener in, encouraging them to grow in their Catholic faith with infectious laughter and conversation.

The Catholic Café™ Sunday 6am and 3pm

Word on Fire™ Sunday 8:30am and 8:30pm


Fr. Robert Barron presents this compelling program of Catholic evangelical
preaching that is an instrument of outreach and conversion. Touching upon art,
architecture, poetry, philosophy, theology and the lives of the saints, Fr. Barron
boldly proclaims Jesus Christ in outstanding sermons based on each Sunday’s
upcoming gospel.

Dynamic Catholic Show™ Sunday 2pm and 9pm


The Dynamic Catholic Show™ features many of Matthew Kelly’s inspiring and motivational talks. His core message, regardless of whether he is speaking in a business, a school or at a parish, invites listeners to become the-best-version-of-themselves. Kelly convincingly communicates this message as God’s desire for each of us. The Dynamic Catholic Show is designed to meet people where they are by speaking to the real issues and challenges they face in their daily lives.