Weekend Schedule

AM 1180 KYES is an affiliate of the Relevant Radio® Network. Relevant Radio originates from Green Bay, WI and broadcasts on 122 stations across the US.

Saturdays at 8:30 am: Saturday Morning Air®


Join us weekly for an hour of conversation on the intersection of faith and everyday life. Our lineup features bishops and priests, seminarians and religious, and volunteers and regular folks like you and me. Tune in to learn what’s coming up in the Central Minnesota faith community and some just plain good conversation.

Host Glen Lewerenz is a veteran of over 30 years in radio. He’s a native Minnesotan with roots in Stearns county. Glen is happy to add Saturday Morning Air® to his regular role as news anchor and sidekick to John Harper on Morning Air®, heard weekdays from 5-8am on KYES. When not doing radio, Glen enjoys sports, music and hanging out with his family.

Maturing Disciples Saturdays & Sundays at 9:30am

Tune in as a couple of old friends talk about issues of faith and have some fun along the way. With Curt Hanson and George Sjogren as well as guests from the Diocese of St. Cloud, pro-life advocates and Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge.

The Kristine Franklin Show Saturdays 7pm






Kristine Franklin is an award-winning children’s author and writer, a speaker, a podcaster, mom, grandma and Trekkie! Raised in a Fundamentalist Christian home, Kristine spent several years as an Evangelical missionary in Central America, working to get Catholics out of the Church. God had a better idea! Faced with many questions her own faith couldn’t answer, Kristine sought the truth until she ended up in the last place she expected – the Catholic Church.

Kristine and her family entered the Church in 1995. She has since done two television series on EWTN called Household of Faith. Her co-host was Rosalind Moss, who is now Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God.  the host of Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam on Immaculate Heart Radio.  She has written for many Catholic publications, has authored 12 children’s books, and is the host of the podcast Mercy Unwrapped. Kristine is happy to pray for anyone with a need – go to her website at kristinefranklin.net

Life is Worth Living with Bishop Fulton Sheen Saturdays 9pm






Life is Worth Living is an inspirational American television series which ran in the 1950’s and 1960’s featuring the Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.

Christ Is The Answer Saturdays 10p Sundays 12p

Christ is the Answer focuses on catechetical teachings.

The Catholic Cafe Sundays 7a

Addressing things that are relevant in your everyday life, you’ll hear from world-renowned expert guests. The Catholic Cafe is a comfortable conversation about our Catholic beliefs.

Christopher Closeup Sundays 7:30a

Christopher Closeup encourages people of all ages and from all walks of life to use their God-given talents to make a positive difference in the world. The weekly half-hour series regularly introduces listeners to individuals – some famous, some not so famous – who are using their gifts, talents, and abilities to create a better world.

Where God Weeps Sundays 7p

Where God Weeps features one-on-one interviews with Catholic missionaries in developing countries.

Encounter Sundays 1p

Encounter is a program dedicated to the Holy Spirit and features a unique look at Holy Scripture and prayer, along with practical ways for you to apply Catholic teaching to your daily life. It’s your 30-minute weekend retreat!

The Dan Cheely Show Sundays 2p






The brightest show on air! Live, love, and laugh! That’s easy to do when you’re having a great time listening to this show. Tune in to hear lively conversations about family life, culture, heroes and the latest movies from a Roman perspective.

Dan Cheely is a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law and is now pursuing his lifelong passion of sharing his faith in his role as the Director of Evangelization at the Church of St. Mary of the Angels in Chicago, Illinois.

Miracle Hunter® Sundays 3p & 11p

Author and MiracleHunter.com creator Michael O’Neill delves into the fascinating world of miracles and takes listeners on a hunt that reveals what constitutes a miracle, how miracles are investigated and approved, and the role they play in the lives of the faithful.

Trending Sundays 4p

Changed Forever™ Sundays 5p

When the word of God enters our minds and softens our hearts, nothing can ever be the same again. Our thoughts change, our habits change, our relationships change. But living the Truth isn’t about being changed. It’s about being Changed Forever.