Why Advertise On Catholic News Radio?

As an owner or advertising manager, you want to advertise wisely. While radio advertising has been looked on as a poor option,  on Catholic news radio stations are an entirely different story!

Advertisers find Catholic news radio stations a great investment, because while the listener base may be smaller than average, they are fiercely invested and protective of their Catholic news radio stations, like K-YES 1180 AM.

Why Advertise On Catholic News Radio

Upbeat Listeners Are Upbeat Customers

When you listen to K-YES in particular, you will often hear Relevant Radio. This is programming from Green Bay, WI, which really resonates with the way our listeners live their lives and the way we live ours.

People of all ages and situations in life find encouragement through our message of hope, and carry that hope out through the community and into every business they visit. Wouldn’t you prefer to deal with upbeat customers who are always ready with a smile and a kind word? Don’t you think others, possibly other customers, would be drawn to a business which attracts these kinds of people?


It’s Easy To Build Credibility And Trust

The biggest challenge for any business is building credibility and trust. Often, businesses attempt to do so by associating themselves with another brand. What better brand to associate with than one with fiercely loyal, upbeat listeners?


Listener Base Is Small But Loyal

Many Catholic news radio listeners prefer to purchase from businesses advertising on Catholic news radio stations.

Because Catholic news radio stations are generally non-profits, listeners know that the companies who advertise with us are supporting their station. That’s why we call our advertisers “business supporters.”

Listeners are also supporters themselves, continually sending in their own donations to support the station. They are heavily invested in the continuing strength of their Catholic news radio stations, so when they hear your advertisement on their station, you become “part of the family.”

Advertising with Catholic news radio stations is a great opportunity for your business, so we hope you will contact us today and give it a try!