Your Local Catholic Talk Radio Station – Available Anywhere, Even Online!

In this world of rapidly moving technology and increased demands on our time, it can be challenging to sit near the radio and listen to your favorite shows. Catholic radio and the programming provided is so essential to our Christian walk. With so many other influences on our lives, it is crucial to stay connected to the messages that strengthen, guide, and encourage us. Fortunately, that same technology that has made life busier than any other time in history has also provided a way to remain close to your favorite radio programming while on the go. We live in a mobile world, one in which the internet has become more than a convenience, but arguably for many of us, a necessity. KYES Catholic Talk Radio is available online, allowing you to listen in on your personal computer or mobile device wherever you need to be. You can also listen through the Tune-In app on your device. Simply select AM 1180 KYES as your radio station of choice!

Great at the Office

For many of us, spending time in front of a computer at the office takes up a significant portion of the day. Sometimes, we are not able to listen to the radio because it will disturb our customers or coworkers. Other times, we may not be able to hear our desired programming over the music pumped through the loudspeakers. Alternatively, it could just be that no radio is allowed except on certain break periods. The ability to listen to AM 1180 KYES online is a great solution to all these and other roadblocks. Simply by pointing your web browser to our listen live feature, you can tune into your favorite programs right through your computer. From your desktop, you can hear the great message and valuable content through your PC speakers or headphones at any time.

Perfect for Traveling

For some of us, there are many times when we are needed outside of the AM 1180 KYES broadcasting area. Whether a regular business traveler or even if just on a family vacation, your personal time with AM 1180 KYES does not have to be sacrificed. Your Central Minnesota Catholic talk radio station is available anywhere on the globe with internet access. It does not matter if you are traveling to Paris, France or Paris, Texas; KYES is there.

Masterfully Mobile

Especially during the warm summer months, many of us hardy Minnesotans do all we can to be outdoors as much as possible. Taking a run for exercise, having a picnic in the park, or spending a few hours on the boat are just a few of the things we work so hard to enjoy. Mobile phones and devices have so many excellent benefits, and few of us ever leave home without them. Moreover, while it is no trouble bringing our phones on a run or to a picnic, hauling a radio along can be a pain. Fortunately, AM 1180 KYES is available right from your mobile device so whatever you are doing, access is a click away.

AM 1180 KYES – Your Catholic Radio

AM 1180 KYES is dedicated to being your source for Catholic talk radio programming in St. Cloud and throughout Central Minnesota. Our message is life, family, and faith, and we strive to be a significant force in the lives of local Christians and serve as a tool to communicate the love of Jesus to all who listen. We invite you to Call our office at (320) 257-9700 or email us at at any time for more information. Supporting life, faith, and family, we are AM 1180 KYES, Catholic Talk!

Click the Listen Live button at the top of this page and hear our programming online for yourself!