Catholic News Radio Is a Tool in Times of Trial

One does not need to look far before finding horrible events that can shake our faith. The world can be a difficult place, and so often we hear about or experience events that are challenging to even fathom. Every day, new stories can be found that demonstrate the depravity existing around us. Often, we are either immune or numb to these events around the globe, but even when terrible things are happening outside our own backyards, it can make us question why they are even allowed to happen. Some media outlets can spin stories to accomplish an agenda. Alternatively, they can focus on the gory details to entice us to stroke the sin within us and gain viewers or listeners. So quickly can we be taken in by these tactics that we can lose sight of what is truly important, how we are to live, or even to pray.

Suffering Surrounds Us

The recent events in Paris are simply beyond understanding. So casually taking so many innocent lives for the purpose of pushing the evil hatred that is a particular group’s message seems otherworldly. However, as we also know, these major terroristic events are not something a world away. The September 11 attacks and so many other events make it painfully clear that no matter where we live in the world, evil happens. We are continually bombarded with the stories of these major tragedies, as well as seemingly minor occurrences that turn the world our friends and family upside-down as well. The loss of a child in an accident, the burning down of a home, or the diagnosis of cancer in our own bodies seem so contrary to what our minds tell us we should believe and feel. As Catholics, we have the advantage of understanding that God is in control in all things. Even though we may not understand them now, we can rest in the knowledge that anything that happens is for his purposes, and his intentions are always good.

Fighting a Battle Within and Outside Ourselves

Knowing that, however, does not free us from the temptation to question God in these sufferings. It does not exempt us from questioning our faith, our beliefs, and our hope. Whether we are facing an incomprehensible reality in our own lives or hearing about them in someone else’s, we can be apt to throw our hands up in disgust, instead of throwing them around the comfort of the Lord. Catholic news radio cannot answer all these impossible questions. However, it can be a tool we use to stand firm when we are shaken, and look to the source of truth, not the father of lies.

Catholic News Radio is a Tool

As stated early, regardless of where you get your news, it can be challenging to find it from a source that aligns with our struggles and beliefs as Catholics. Politics, greed, agendas, and many other factors can color our news in ways we may not even realize. While we are not targeting any media sources specifically, we know firsthand that it can be challenging to present the news in a manner entirely objective. So, instead of claiming that Catholic news radio has no agenda, we unapologetically state the opposite. Getting your news from Catholic talk radio, is getting it from a source whose agenda is to love people as Christ loves us, to spread the message of his strength and power and to rest in his promises of hope and justice. Catholic news radio is a tool that we can use to help us understand the world around us, but also to do so with an attitude and practical application of a Catholic perspective. Catholic talk radio is not perfect. However, it can be trusted as a news source that certainly puts God in the center, and works hard to remain steadfast no matter how painful the story can be to hear.

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