How Catholic Radio Saves You Money With Shop ‘n Save

Everyone likes to save money, and if you’ve come to this page, chances are you enjoy listening to KYES, your Catholic radio station.

We have a great new way for you to support local Catholic radio station and local businesses while saving money in your budget. It’s called Shop ‘n Save!

Shop ‘n Save is an online auction site we created to help our great listeners get great deals from area businesses. Those who have partnered with us range from auto repair shops to bookstores, golf courses to grocery stores. The auction site has it all, and at great prices, so check it out!

How Catholic Radio Saves You Money With Shop ‘n SaveShop N' Save: Great Deals for Great Listeners

Support Local Businesses Who Support Catholic Radio

More than 135 local businesses have placed items or services for sale at our Shop ‘n Save page!

Supporting local companies is important. At small businesses, you will generally get better customer service because you are probably dealing with the owner or their family. Shopping small also creates local jobs; ⅔ of new jobs in the United States are created by small businesses.

Also, 90% of small-business owners contribute to their communities through volunteering, in-kind donations and or cash donations to local charities. What a wonderful reason to shop small (and support Catholic radio!)


Discounts Of Up To 40% Off Of Retail

There are a lot of great businesses offering products and services through our Shop ‘n Save page: from a trampoline park in St. Cloud, to a restaurant in Melrose; from a pizza place in Becker to a dinner theatre in Chanhassen. Dozens and dozens of businesses are waiting for you to save money through your Catholic radio station’s Shop ‘n Save page.

Most businesses are offering between 20-40% off of their retail prices. For example, many are offering $10 gift certificates for only $6, or $100 gift certificates for just $70! Many are also offering certificates towards certain items, like a phone company with a certificate for a $350 phone, selling for only $245!

And when you buy from local companies through Shop ‘n Save, these companies know KYES is helping them, and they in turn financially support our station. It is this relationship, between you, small businesses and our station, which allows us to continue to provide family-friendly, inspiring and enlightening talk on Catholic radio.


Conveniently Search For Companies You Do Business With

Shop ‘n Save has a number of different search features on the left-hand side of the page, where you can sort the deals alphabetically by the business offering it or by the items offered.

Sorting by business allows you to quickly and easily find businesses you are already planning to use, so you can find a good deal. It also allows you to quickly look through businesses you might not have considered before, but who offer a service you use often.

Head to our Shop ‘n Save page today to start saving, and support local businesses and your Catholic radio station, KYES!