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Inside the Booth: How Christian Talk Radio Works

For many people, turning on their radio and tuning into our frequency, or clicking or Listen Live link online amounts to the total understanding of how radio works. They may have some knowledge of radio including that radio waves are transmitted from a tower or digitally, or that we have a lot of equipment to send those messages. However, there is so much more to provide Catholic Talk AM 1180 KYES to our listeners. If you have ever wondered about how our technical operation works, we would like to invite you into the booth and give you a little more background on just how your radio reaches your ears.

Radio Waves

Broadcasting Christian talk radio, just like any other radio format is done through the sending of radio waves. Radio waves are everywhere and are actually used for many more applications than our programming alone. In fact, if you use a garage door opener, a mobile phone, a wireless clock, or watch television, you are using radio wave technology. Even your microwave oven is dependent on these waves to operate. So, what are these waves? Radio waves are a certain form of electromagnetic radiation. Radio waves have three parts, a wavelength, and amplitude, and frequency. By using equipment to vary the amplitude, we can broadcast those waves through the air to be picked up by your receiver.

From the Mic to Your Ears

Inside the station, live programming is picked up by a microphone using electricity and carried to an audio processor to enhance and tailor the sound. Digital content is not spoken into a microphone. However, it is also transmitted electronically to the audio processor. The equipment allows us to alter the volume, the order that programming is broadcast, and to input recorded or live phone calls in conjunction with the radio personality’s voice. The message is then sent to a transmitter that sends the radio waves to an antenna. Those waves are carried by electricity to the top of a massive radio tower and sent through the air. Your radio captures these waves on the correct frequency and transforms them into the message you hear from your speakers. While this is a simplified overview of the process, it is the primary journey that Christian talk programming takes before you benefit from its message.

So there you have it. Listening to AM 1180 KYES, your Catholic talk station is done through a scientific process using specialized technology. This allows us to continue our mission of providing listeners throughout Central Minnesota with the Catholic talk messages to help them grow in faith and live it out.

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