Who we are

The only Catholic radio station in central Minnesota, K•yes Catholic Radio provides the programs that invite listeners to explore and celebrate their faith.  K•yes features local programs, as well as national talk shows from Relevant Radio®, the largest Catholic talk radio network in the United States.  It offers a niche market of listeners who hold Christian values and believe in the importance of family, faith, and community in daily life.

Our Listeners

Who listens?  Our typical listener is interested in balancing work, family and living their faith.  Our listeners value family and their community and want to live lives with meaning and purpose.  In fact, many listeners think of K•yes Catholic Radio as their radio station!  Listeners consider our business partners to be trustworthy, simply by virtue of associating/aligning with us.  Thus, partnering on K•yes is an automatic endorsement, putting you a step ahead before your message is even heard!! AND they are decision makers!

K•yes Catholic Radio/Relevant Radio® audience:

  • Broad & Balanced Adult Audience – 70% are between the ages of 25-54; and 63% are female*
  • Highly Educated – 91% received education beyond high school, of which 67% have a bachelor degree or higher*
  • Family-focused – 77% are married; 38% have children under 12 years of age; 30% have children ages 13-18; 88% own their own home; and 61% have a household income of $50,000 or more*
  • Strongly Loyal – 83% of audience lists K•yes Catholic Radio/Relevant Radio® as their primary station*

Impacting Diocese of St Cloud and beyond

K•yes Catholic Radio brings Christ to the world through media, providing inspiring, informative, and engaging Catholic Radio programs on-air and online.

When your business invests in K•yes Catholic Radio, you’re investing in the largest Catholic Radio group in 16 counties of the St. Cloud Diocese. You’re also telling your community that you believe in life, faith and family!

Your customers/clients are K•yes Catholic Radio listeners

K•yes Catholic Radio reaches throughout central Minnesota; we’re in your community! Your customers are our listeners.

January 1, 2022 K•yes Catholic Radio will be a non-commercial radio station. This means K•yes will offer Underwriting Sponsorships to interested parties. There are a few differences between Underwriting and Advertising.

Underwriting spots can:

  • Describe your business, it’s location, age, and how to contact you
  • Describe a product, service, or event
  • Describe a corporate mission
  • Inform the public of events you sponsor
  • Include a non-promotional corporate slogan

Please note: All underwriting must be approved by K•yes Catholic Radio staff and K•yes has the final say on all copy used on the air.

To find out more about underwriting with K•yes Catholic Radio, please reach out to us.

Partnering with K•yes Catholic Radio is a phone call or email away!

Call Kelly Corbett, Director of Sales & Development, at 320-251-1780 or email at kelly@gabrielmedia.info.

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